Businesses today need fresh thinking, innovation and expertise that will give them a competitive edge over others. Entromind Consulting & Solution is an initiative to partner with your organisation in your journey to success. Our consultants bring with them industry knowledge, meaningful insights and wide range of capabilities in assisting your organisation to navigate competing demands of the business environment and drive business growth and increased effectiveness.

Our consulting and talent solutions help prepare teams which can challenge traditional thinking, identify and combat barriers and become change drivers. With decades of experience in building, managing and scaling businesses across industry segments, Entromind endeavors to partner with you across a range of business consulting services to improve business results and people efficiency.

Our credentials demonstrate the breadth of our expertise across a full range of services including financial and working capital, operations, sales and marketing, technology, talent and leadership and

Leadership Development :

While organizations are striving to find newer and better ways of competing in the marketplace, leadership continues to be the most potent toll in ensuring continued business success. Attracting, retaining and above all developing leaders is the single most important goal for any organization. Ironical as it may be, while businesses feel leadership development should be the topmost priority of HR and over USD 20Billion is being spent on the same, only a handful of leadership development initiative see light of success. We believe that leadership development programs should be futuristic, relevant and above all focused on the individual. Our experts work with your teams on the entire spectrum of leadership development that includes:

  • Leadership Assessment
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Education

Women Leadership Development & Inclusion :

Few women are reaching the top of their organizations, there are of course many factors that contribute to this scarcity of women at senior levels. People have long believed that many women do not aspire for the highest ranks in the organization and take themselves out of the running in spite of possessing highest business and people management skills. Research has shown that unconscious bias places a significant role in hiring and promotion decisions, which also contributes to the lower number of women in key positions.

Entromind’s consulting team endeavours to work closely with women leaders’ in instilling the confidence that they require to lead themselves to the top position. A key part of the project will also to work with organizations in creating the right culture to promote women leadership at their workplaces.

Sales Growth Accelerator :

Are you struggling to meet sales growth numbers due to current economic slowdown? If yes, then this is the program for your business development team. Success doesn’t come easy, for consistent results we have to be consistently disciplined. Incredible Results is an engagement program to help participants achieve incredible sales results. This is not a two-day capsule workshop to teach some magic for achieving great outcomes, it’s a well curated program where we work with participants for a longer duration in helping them learn new skills, overcome their fears, instill confidence, alter their habits, achieve agility, and create higher level of energy and passion towards their goals and aspirations. This is an evolving journey of creating superstar out of every participant. Entromind delivers these Incredible Results through sales training, coaching and building business insights.

    What will truly set them apart after this program?

  • Offers the customer unique perspectives about their own business
  • Has strong two-way communication skills
  • Knows the individual customer’s value drivers
  • Can identify economic drivers of the customer’s business
  • Is comfortable discussing money
  • delivering great sales experience and impacting customer loyalty positively

Business Growth Accelerator :

We bring experts with rich domain expertise to develop and deliver winning strategies. We help organizations see trends and patterns that often get missed out to create plans that will enable your organizations to thrive in your local environment. We work collaboratively, build capabilities into your team and help your organization win continuously by being ahead of the curve. We partner with you for success and align our own success criterion to that of your organization. Our strategy consulting expertise focuses on creating – Business Growth Strategies, Unit Level Strategies, Innovation Strategies, Change Strategies, Diversification Strategies, Integration Strategies, etc.

Talent Strategy and Talent Framework :

Talent Strategy and Talent Framework : For decades researchers & advisors have been working on understanding what sets talent strategies apart. According to them, a game changing talent strategy is just not supporting but, in most cases, driving the companies “business strategies”. In long run business growth gets impacted for those organizations’ who talk a good game about the importance of human assets but then cut management and professional development at first sign of thinning margins. Chief Executives who are sceptical about making substantial and continual investments in their people have already lost the war for talent. Commitment from the top executive team is central to building and maintaining this game changing talent strategy mindset. Entromind consulting partners with client’s in helping them build their superior and differentiating talent strategy which is completely aligned with the organisations business strategies and goals. We also help create a talent framework that lays out the key qualities, behaviours, and motivations C-suite managers want to see in their work force, so the company can deliver on its total brand promise.

Employer Branding Strategy :

Today a strong employer brand is a critical way to attract, engage, and retain the best people. Employer branding value propositions that current, former, and potential employees care about when they collectively evaluate employers. Relative valences and weights of these value propositions may differ across organizations, especially if institutions are considered particularly good or bad places to work. Based on these elements, we learn how employers can use crowdsourced employer branding intelligence to become exceptional workplaces that attract highly qualified employees.

Entromind works closely with organizations to connect their employer brand with their corporate brand and the core drivers of the business. Based on our experience with hundreds of organizations, we believe what has been called “the employer brand” should in fact grow out of the established company brand. To facilitate this integration, we partner with clients executive team to build out a talent dimension as a key part of the corporate brand.