WE Lab

A society in which women cannot realise their full potential loses out on the significant potential for innovation, economic growth, and job creation.

WE Lab (Women Enterpreneurship Lab)

WE Lab, is an initiative which recognizes the current gaps and intends to build a strong learning environment for women with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Candidate Experience Masterclass

Candidates are evaluating you, just as you’re evaluating them. People forget that. Our goal must be to have every person who came for an interview walk away wanting the job. Read More

Employer Branding Masterclass

Relative valences and weights of these value propositions may differ across organizations, especially if institutions are considered particularly good or bad places to work. Read More

Incredible Results

Are you struggling to drive growth due to the current economic slowdown? If the answer is yes, then our program is the solution for your business development team. Success doesn’t come easy… Desired results demand consistent discipline and a channelized mind. Incredible Results is an engagement program to help participants achieve incredible results both in their personal and professional arenas. This is not just a two-day capsule workshop to unleash some magic for achieving great outcomes Read More

Incredible Results

Event Date : Mar 26, 2020

Event Venue : Bengaluru

My Second Innings

As life goes on, options are constrained, and experience which is a powerful also begins to limit. Every choice results in the exclusion of alternatives. It is often in mid-career that fun of missing out is replaced by fear of missing out…. the joy of finding things that enrich us. When we look back at our lives, we conjure—sometimes with relief but other times with regret—the roads not taken. The journey also on the other hand could have been the most satisfying one with many accolades along the way but there starts to build some angst of “what could have been”. For some it is an unsatisfied professional career Read More

My Second Innings

Entromind Masterclass

Learning agility has risen to the top as the #1 predictor of career success.

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