An accelerator for business growth

Are you struggling to drive growth due to the current economic slowdown? If the answer is yes, then our program is the solution for your business development team. Success doesn’t come easy… Desired results demand consistent discipline and a channelized mind. Incredible Results is an engagement program to help participants achieve incredible results both in their personal and professional arenas. This is not just a two-day capsule workshop to unleash some magic for achieving great outcomes but it is a well curated program where we engage with the participants for a longer duration in also executing the learnings and measuring the outcomes thereby helping them learn new skills, overcome their fears, instill confidence, alter their habits, achieve agility, and create higher level of energy and passion towards their goals and aspirations. This is an evolving journey of creating a team which learns, masters and applies new learnings to deliver incredible results.

Incredible Results


Core belief of the program: The Power of Insight drives customer loyalty and sales growth – Change your approach: become a consultant to your client

As per a loyalty survey, only 38% of customer loyalty is attributed to your ability to outperform the competition on brand, product and service, and 9% of loyalty is attributed to your ability to outperform the competition on price-to-value ratio. So what about the other 53 percent?

Loyalty isn’t won in product development centers, in advertisements, or on toll-free help lines. Loyalty is won out in the field, in the trenches, during the sales calls. It’s the result of the conversations our reps are having with customers every single day. Over half of customer loyalty is a result not of what you sell, but how you sell.

These following attributes were found most important in delivering great sales experience and impacting customer loyalty positively and is a part of our program. Each of these attributes speaks directly to an urgent need of the customer not to buy something, but to learn something.

  • Rep offer unique and valuable perspectives on the market
  • Rep helps me navigate alternatives
  • Rep provides ongoing advice or consultation
  • Rep helps me avoid potential landmines
  • Rep educates me on new issues and outcomes
  • Supplier is easy to buy from
  • Supplier has widespread support across my organization

Today there are many examples of organizations which have imbibed changes, thought differently and combatted challenges successfully. What if we could bring you insights on some of the best practices of some successful organizations which truly sets star performers apart…. With our efforts and experience we capture that magic, and export it to the rest of your sales organization?

Imagine a world where all your sales reps or at least most of them performed like stars. What would that be worth to you? What would it mean for the overall performance of your company? Think of the potentially huge commercial value currently locked up in the middle 60 percent of your sales force. What would it be worth to make each of those reps even just a little bit better?

    What will truly set them apart after this program?

  • Build competitive advantage
  • Understand customer unique perspectives
  • Strong two-way communication skills
  • Understanding the individual customer’s value drivers
  • Understanding and identifying economic drivers of the customer’s business
  • Is comfortable discussing money
  • Becomes and engaged salesperson than an order taker

Fundamental principles of this program are :

Principle # 1: Star performers are made, not just born

By focusing on skills, attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge with the right tools, training, coaching and reward & recognition system – organizations can equip many of their sales representatives to migrate from an order taking mindset to a sale driven mindset

Principle # 2: It’s the combination of skills that matters

It’s the combination of challenger attributes – the ability to teach, tailor, ideate, take control, and deliver – that sets star reps apart.

Principle # 3: Challenging is about Organizational Capability, Not just rep skills

Many organizations assume that the migration to the challenger selling model is a question only of improving individual rep skills. This journey is just as much about building organizational capabilities as it is about developing individual skills.

Principle # 4: Building the challenger sales force is a journey and not an overnight trip

Principle # 4: Building the challenger sales force is a journey and not an overnight trip A big mistake we see organizations make in their challenger efforts is an expectation of instant gratification. The challenger model demands changes both to organizational capabilities and to individual rep behaviors and skills, it is hard work.

How do we generate “Incredible Results” through – Sales Growth Accelerator?

Incredible Results is just not another sales training, it is a long-haul program to develop teaching capabilities of sales rep. We provide a constant supply of essential business insights to sales reps on fortnightly basis with a coaching session on how to effectively use these insights to teach customers new ways of thinking, pushing them to rethink their current perspectives and approaches. After all, if you don’t change the way a customer thinks and ultimately acts, then you haven’t really taught them anything to begin with.

Duration: 90 days

    Key elements :

  • Preprogram assessment of “Insight knowledge”
  • Preworkshop assessment “behavioral competency analysis”
  • Post assessment, a three-day residential induction workshop to lay the foundation for the entire program
  • Fortnightly 60-minute coaching session for duration of 3 months – 6 coaching sessions in total
  • Monthly Assessment of “Insight knowledge”
  • Post program comprehensive development report for each participant