Candidate Experience Masterclass

Candidates are evaluating you, just as you’re evaluating them. People forget that. Our goal must be to have every person who came for an interview walk away wanting the job. Even if we do not like those candidates, we want them to think, Wow, that was an incredible experience. It was efficient, it was effective, it was on time, the questions were relevant, everyone was smart, and I was treated with dignity. “Even if this person isn’t the right fit, we might love his next-door neighbour, colleague or a friend.” Delivering a great candidate experience is truly important for every hiring organization and recruiter in this highly competitive talent world.

Candidate Experience Masterclass


    Why is Candidate Experience so Important?

  • What attracts people to join an organization differs from what keeps them there. The Candidate Experience activity is about aligning your entire organization around delivering your brand promise to candidates at every touch point. You are a great place to work for brand, which is changing the way candidates see you – the Candidate Experience is about making sure that what they see is what they get!
  • Every time a candidate interacts with your company, whether by phone, visiting branches, seeing your advertising, or visiting company website, it results in an experience. The sources of those interactions are company people, advertising and your website — are touch points and every touch point is an opportunity for you to delight your candidates by fulfilling your brand promise.
  • We all must help candidates feel a connection to our organization, and view themselves as future employees.
  • A great experience will increase loyalty and have your candidates talking positively about your organization to other potential candidates and clients.

Candidate Experience journey is carefully curated program to help recruiters attract “A stars” and hire them consistently to support business continuity and growth. Candidate experience mindset would help the recruiters deliver that great candidate experience which your employer brand demands quite urgently. Thoughtfully designed question bank would help recruiters and hiring managers structure their interviews to better assess and select best candidate. Better Candidate Management ensures that candidates are scheduled timely for all their interviews and delays are plugged to continue with great candidate experience and timely closure. In industries where talent shortage is impacting business growth, this can be a real competitive advantage over your competitors.

    Objectives of this program are:

  • To help you understand how providing a differentiating Candidate Experience will help in establishing yourselves as great workplace in the world of work;
  • To share with you the mindsets that will help deliver a great Candidate Experience;
  • To provide you some practical tools, techniques and tips that you can take back and which will help you to deliver a great Candidate Experience

    Key components of this workshop are:

  • Know your workforce strategy
  • Understand the impact of talent shortage on business growth
  • Better understand your organizational culture for better cultural fitment
  • Decode Candidate Experience
  • Understand the impact of poor Candidate Experience on talent attraction and hiring
  • How to deliver a differentiating candidate experience at each stage of candidate journey
  • How a great and differentiating candidate experience helps your organization build a strong employer brand

Who should attend – Recruiters, Talent Acquisition leads, Talent Acquisition Heads, Hiring Managers, HR Managers, Senior and Middle Management Executives