Incredible Results through “A new way forward for High Performance

Are you struggling to meet business growth numbers due to current economic slowdown? If yes, then the question now is: “What do you do about it? And how can we sell our way through the worst economy in decades”?

This could be the program for your business development team to find a way through the slowing economy in decades. Success doesn’t come easy, for consistent results we have to be consistently disciplined to achieve great results. Incredible Results is an engagement program to help participants achieve incredible results in their career and life. This is not a two day capsule workshop to teach some magic for achieving great outcomes, it’s a program where we work with participants for a longer duration on helping them learn new skills, overcome their fears, instill confidence, alter their habits, achieve agility, and create higher level of energy and passion towards their goals and aspirations. This is an evolving journey of creating superstar in every participant.

In this world of dramatically changing customer buying behavior and rapidly diverging sales talent, your sales approach must evolve, or you will be left behind.

If you’re going to win going forward, you’ve got to equip reps to generate new demand in a world of reluctant, risk-averse customers. Customers who are struggling to buy complex solutions just as much as you are struggling to sell them. The best sales reps have evolved a set of unique and powerful skills to keep up. The economic slowdown has served to throw the widening gap between star performers and non- achievers into stark contrast. Even in the depths of the downturn, when most reps were far behind sales quota, some reps quite inexplicably managed not just to hit their goals, but to exceed them.

What were they doing differently?

It’s not as if you can just take their success story, bottle it, and sprinkle it over your non-achievers to close the gap. Right? Well, what if you could? What if you could track down the replicable part of what truly sets star performers apart, capture that magic, and export it to the rest of your sales organization?

Imagine a world where all your sales reps or at least most of them performed like stars. What would that be worth to you? What would it mean for the overall performance of your company? Think of the potentially huge commercial value currently locked up in the middle 60 percent of your sales force. What would it be worth to make each of those reps even just a little bit better?

How do we generate “Incredible Results” through – Sales Growth Accelerator?

Incredible Results is just not another sales training, it is a long-haul program to develop teaching capabilities of sales rep. We provide a constant supply of essential business insights to sales reps on fortnightly basis with a coaching session on how to effectively use these insights to teach customers new ways of thinking, pushing them to rethink their current perspectives and approaches. After all, if you don’t change the way a customer thinks and ultimately acts, then you haven’t really taught them anything to begin with.

    So, journey begins with for a 90 day “Sales growth accelerator”

  • 1. Preprogram assessment of “Insight knowledge”
  • 2. Post assessment, a three-day workshop to lay the foundation for the entire program
  • 3. Two-day refresher program. One day session each in second and third month.
  • 4. Fortnightly 60 minute coaching session for duration of 3 months – 6 coaching sessions in total
  • 5. Monthly Assessment of “Insight knowledge”
  • 6. Post program comprehensive development report for each participant
  • 7. Investment: Rs.60000/- plus taxes per participant

    What will truly set you apart after this program?

  • Ability to offer the customers unique perspectives
  • Build a strong two-way communication skill
  • You will better understand the individual customer’s value drivers
  • You would be able to identify economic drivers of the customer’s business
  • You will be more comfortable discussing money
  • You will be able to pressure the customer for timely decisions in your favor

Each of these attributes represents a particular way in which you will significantly outperform your colleagues.

Fundamental principles of this program are

Principle # 1: Star performers are made, not just born

By focusing on skills, attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge with the right tools, training, coaching and reward & recognition system, organizations can likely equip many of their sales reps who minor in challenging to act more like challengers when they are in front of the customer. While there may be reps who won’t make the transition, there are many who will if organizations invest the time and energy to get them there.

Principle # 2: It’s the combination of skills that matters

It’s the combination of challenger attributes – the ability to teach, tailor, take control, and do it all while leveraging constructive tension – that sets star reps apart.

Principle # 3: Challenging is about Organizational Capability, Not just rep skills

Many organizations assume that the migration to the challenger selling model is a question only of improving individual rep skills. This journey is actually just as much about building organizational capabilities as it is about developing individual skills.

Principle # 4: Building the challenger sales force is a journey, Not an overnight trip

A big mistake we see organizations make in their challenger efforts is assuming that change will happen instantly. Moving to a challenger model is a commercial transformation, one that early adopters tell us takes time to get right.

The challenger model demands changes both to organizational capabilities and to individual rep behaviors and skills, it is hard work.

The Power of Insight to drive customer loyalty and sales growth

As per a loyalty survey, only 38% of customer loyalty is attributable to your ability to outperform the competition on brand, product and service, and 9% of loyalty is attributable to your ability to outperform the competition on price-to-value ratio. So, what about the other 53 percent?

Loyalty isn’t won in product development centers, in advertisements, or on toll-free help lines. Loyalty is won out in the field, in the trenches, during the sales calls. It’s the result of the conversations our reps are having with customers every single day. The entire reminder of customers loyalty – all 53% is attributable to your ability to outperform competition in the sales experience itself. Over half of customer loyalty is a result not of what you sell, but how you sell.

These following attributes were found most important in delivering great sales experience and impacting customer loyalty positively. Each of these attributes speaks directly to an urgent need of the customer not to buy something, but to learn something.

  • Rep offer unique and valuable perspectives on the market
  • Rep helps me navigate alternatives
  • Rep provides ongoing advice or consultation
  • Rep helps me avoid potential landmines
  • Rep educates me on new issues and outcomes
  • Supplier is easy to buy from
  • Supplier has widespread support across my organization